How to download Airshou iOS screen recorder


iOS is popular operating system and has lot of apps. Millions of users trust on iOS because of its reliability and functionality.

A screen recorder is the requirement of the day.  To fulfill the requirement, AirShou app needs to be installed.  Here, we will guide you download procedure of AirShou iOS screen recorder.  Jailbreaking is not needed for this.

Procedure for downloading AirShou iOS Screen Recorder

Apple does not allow casting and recording apps on its App Store.  AirShou iOS Screen Recorder can be downloaded manually on iPhone/iPad.

AirShou is popular app and is easy to use having decent features.

Follow these steps for installing AirShou iOS Screen Recorder:


  • Unlock your iOS device. Connect to an internet connection.


  • Open safari browser and type the url “” and search. link.


  • A webpage will load with Airshou iOS 10 recorder to download.
  • Scroll down. Tap on the Air Shou Install button.


  • Confirm onscreen pop ups and Install the profile.


  • Wait till it installs completely, Go to apps drawer and launch it.
  • If it asks to trust the enterprise developer, then head over to Settings>>General>>Profie/Device Administration and trust the profile.

Hopefully, you have successfully installed AirShou iOS Screen Recorder for your iPhone or iPad.  It’s time to enjoy.



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